Shadow Man

August 18, 2010
I see him there in the shadows
Moving but not making a sound
Watching, observing
He sees everything you do
He knows everything about you
He knows how cruel you can be
You can feel his eyes looking upon you as you yell
The feeling seeps deep into you skin
You know you hurt him
But he won't say anything
He just sits there in the shadows
Staring, listening
He sees everything you do
He hears everything you say
You try to say the right things
But you've already messed up
You can see it in his eyes
His cold, sad eyes
They're like a hurt dogs'
You wish you could make him feel better
But he resists you
He chooses to stay in his shadowed corner
And the guilt that you built
Buries a deep, heavy hole in your heart
Now you realize
Hurting him was the worst mistake you ever made

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