its life

August 18, 2010
By Anonymous

i try so hard just to end up breaking down in tears

i try so hard just to end up with nothing else to give

as i stay here useless, worthless, with nothing but my pride

you look to me as if you want more, as if you wanna crush my pride as well

i give my all just to keep you satisfied, hearing that all my work will be rewarded at the end

but where is it ? how long will i have to wait? whats the use of giving if no one appreciates it?

questions pounding through my head, who can give me the answers..

all day and everyday it hurts me inside yet no one will never know how i truely feel

past the smiles and laughs that i share theres a girl huddled in the corner looking down to this ungrateful thing called life

it may seem emo but i guess its just the other side of me, the side that you dont see, that you will never see

i learned to appreciate whatever came to your life because it was gods gift its what god wanted for you

but as times got dark and i stand there glowing, i still cant shine the light to the path thats right for me

im stuck between two turns, should i go left? or right? ...

i guess i would never know, i guess i would be stuck being unsure and confused, but like everyone says ...

" ITS LIFE " ..


The author's comments:
i was going through a tough times with many thoughts running through my head

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