Did You See?

August 18, 2010
Did you see me fall?
Watch me crawl?
I see red, I see hurt
I see pain, I see Death
He's right in front of me
At my hands out-stretched fingertips
Then there's you right behind me
Watching my every move
As you call to me
Beckoning for me to come back
I yell and scream and say 'you never loved me!'
As I turn around to face Death
He's suddenly in front of me
Arms out-stretched towards me
I fumble to stand, I reach my arms towards him
Once we embrace, he crumbles away
Leaving no trace
Everything's blurry
I see a figure moving to fast
Suddenly I'm lunged into darkness
Falling farther and farther
As I start to weep, I think
Did you see me fall?
Hear my heart stop?
See my blood run cold?
I guess I will never know

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