Off The Ground

August 18, 2010
I don't know how to get our feet off the ground.
I don't know, I just don't know.
For now, my legs and heart are weary from fighting.
So I lie on my soul, a great wild horse,
In which a pair of legs and hooves will carry me to my destiny.
Through wind, storm, water and hail I am carried.
I rest at an unsteady pace, the journey uneven and rocky.
Yet still, I will my soul to slumber, so that I may fight again another day.
So that I will have the strength again to run on,
So that I will have the strength again to become every wild passion my soul can be.
So that I will have the strength to finally grow wings and lift this dream off the ground.
My heart knows there's an easier way out of this weariness,
But my soul softly urges me onward and my love glows within me.
Sometimes, the most worthwhile journeys are the hardest,
Therefore, no one can stop us from lifting off the ground.
One day, one night and from then on, our souls will sail on the dawn.
Believe it, taste it, hold it within your breast, trust in the freedom to come,
And we'll be off the ground soon enough.

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