My Angel

August 17, 2010
Death was my friend
He said he'd be with me till the end
How bad he lied to me
I think back on how he never said 'we'
I didn't cry
He just sighed
When will I learn?
He decieved me
It was just for lust
He dumped me on the curb
How blind my eyes must have been
To not see that this was going to end
I thought we would be together forever
But as I look back on us
He never loved me
Death was setting it up
He was planning to crush my heart
I don't think I'll ever be able to love again
But just maybe
That heavenly Angel that lead me
Away from suicide
Oh, Angel, where have you gone?
For it is you I have longed
Do you sit in heaven?
A place where I will never see you again?
Or are you here among us mortals?
As I search for you my heart mourns for someone to love
It hurts and all the pain came from Death
The one who did this to me
But then I see you, Angel
Your there, in voices reach
I go to speak
Nothing comes out!
What has happened?
It's that retched Deaths' doing
He broke my heart so badly
I weep inside
For I will never be able to tell you how I feel
Or the way I've felt about you
Angel, I have and always will love you
For you are the one who has saved me from countless falls
I only wish that I was able to say this to you
And that Death was never my friend

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