Screaming in the shadows

August 17, 2010
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My tears don’t wet my face. Matter is no anger, no harm, no charm. All I knew is gone now, like water down a stream. My likes, irritations, a void gap of disbelief and oblivion. My dreams were close to accomplishment, I didn’t even get an attempt. Watching it fall to the ground, like I was just sifting it away, Independent dreams I had. Alone just challenging the existence of an idea. Why must pain be nil in dreams and hopes.
Why is what you ask, all these dreams lost in the shadows? I am in the shadows now. Running from shadow is impossible. I listen and hear words, cutting and lifting, from different voices. Making it shrivel and change the words harvest your mind. I adventure into lies, and scandals, the truth and feelings. My ears can see and my eyes can feel. Pain is explained now, I can see your hurt. My eyes are not in the world. Others seen you and silence threatened their conscience. I see your face, and I hear who you are with my heart. Within you cry turquoise tears, when I was with you, your face, soul idyllic. Seeing the news through your heart I feel different. My heart must not close too soon. My eyes acquire a new light, a happy high; to find your expression on your soul is changing. My eyes hear your honesty, and infringement scatters like the stars at sunrise.
I know who troubles the world. Feeling pain in words assaults my aggression. My empty hands reach out at you. Whispering in the wind is all I can do. You can’t hear me though. I shout in the thunderstorms. I scream, yet you still greet the absence. I see you through your tears when you cry on my grave. I miss my best friend; this new unknown you, I am not used to her. Why didn’t your pains pound my ears when you screeched them? I guide you to the new though. Traveling in the course of nature is my message. Listen to the bristles of the leaves, Converse with the soil. Pain will settle if you follow my call. Hear with your eyes, talk with your arms. Follow it, the rain, when it travels the world. Earth strikes with lightning to the clouds. Lightning is just notes to the heavens you know. Let your heart listen, follow nature to hear me. Listen with your feet. The cave will crack and lightning will storm through, my message will take you to significance. Oh my sweet, listen to the rain.

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Austy said...
Oct. 14, 2010 at 10:04 pm
can someone please comment on this??
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