August 17, 2010
By wrapsawdee BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
wrapsawdee BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
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It amazes me
That despite your TV's propensity
to encourage "eco- friendly"
You still succumb to the density
of the almighty economy

Manufacture pride
While the surf regurgitates gunk chloride,
Something close to formaldehyde,
The stench of death on the seaside;
Capital blunders, nowhere to hide

Oozing like petrol
Forcibly drilled up from the Earth's warm soul
Dizzy up humanity's goal
Of easing up on the blazing coal
Poppin' caps like a peeved Metropol

Well, how about we
Sit atop this rabid democracy
Wonder how economy's free,
Come out with a great epiphany
From this mindblowing cacophony

Minds, cold; hearts, absent
Watch the Earth combat its own debasement
Experience the four elements
Surge, enraged at the establishment,
Taunting the ignorant government

No one knows how long
Or if a human army, millions strong
Can interrupt the damaged throng
Of species smudged by what has gone wrong;
Weary like sludge and a swan's death song

The sun's a relic
Of energy's chief natural edict
We're close to fighting wars with sticks
If we don't soon rebuild brick by brick
Stall the cyclones the Mayans predict

The author's comments:
I wrote this in response to the gulf oil spill, seeing the inverse relation of what the media suggests and how society actually deals with issues our world is pressed with. sometimes we have to rise above the "cacophony," and figure out how our individual selves can merge with the greater scheme of things and the order of nature

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