Reality Dreams

August 17, 2010
By Anonymous

They love so strong,
Everyone can see it,
it is so strong,
no adult can deny it.
Every human and animal
loves, no matter what age.
This young couple,
deeper in love then newly weds.
It seems to be no problem,
but their Dreams,
are faintly reality.
Together they want.
Together they are.
Together they need.
Together they aren't.
Distance between them,
is painful for each.
Kisses they crave,
but they must wait.
Wait for the time,
to see each other again
months go by,
Not a visit,
dying inside.
They love so deep.
They want to be together,
visits that last forever.
Simple reality,
seems like a dream.

The author's comments:
Long distance relationships can work, but it is emotionally hard. Whether you meet on vacation or the internet, love is love and distance cant change that.

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