It's Just Me

August 17, 2010
It’s Just Me
Lately I’ve been depressed
And I don’t know why
Do you think I’m being selfish?
Because things aren’t flying by
I just want to fit in the crowd
Instead of standing alone
Way back since I was a child now I’m fully grown
I have no one to look up to
Just don’t feel loved
But I know god is here with me shining up above
It’s so hard for me to be happy
Because I don’t have the things I want
Everyone keeps telling me it’s not about that
However who wants to be broke
My heart is in pain
No one understands my pain
I try to get them to feel me
But they all think I’m insane
I’m tired of being depressed
And sad all my life
But the things I want and need
Are just all so far apart
Each day I dread to wake up
Because all I do is cry
I have nothing to look forward to
Only an empty house
Just quiet as a mouse
Now and days all I do is think
Just ready for school to start
So I don’t have to think
I hope it goes fast
So my life can began to shine
Because right now I’m fallen to pieces
If only there was a way that I could be with you
And finish school and get my license
But it’s not
After all the things I did
Is this how my life is repaid
I just want you in my arms
And to hold me the way you do
Because when I’m away from you
I am lost in the sky blue
I know you feel the same
And I hate for it to be this way
If only people knew
The thing that makes me happy
It’s only YOU!!!!
Every second, minute, hour
I think of you
Wondering when is the next time I get to see you
I can’t wait any longer
I think I’m going to explode and give everything to you
I did except
I am not with you
I just want to get back to the old me
Where I wasn’t so sad and depressed
I want to be that teenager
Who wants to be the best
I work so hard to give things my all
Now I’m ready for my reward
But I have nothing at all

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dream..catcher.. said...
Sept. 14, 2010 at 5:03 pm
i understand where you are coming from. my best world..left me last year to go to a sykward. i didnt know where she was,,or is she was okay, the only thing people would tell me was that she was gonna be gone for a while. i was so scared and so sad. i spent the last half of the school year deppresed. feeling as if without her i was nothing, but i realized that i was something. that there was more to life that what i was allowing my eyes to see,,alowing my heart to feel. though things g... (more »)
britles93 replied...
Sept. 18, 2010 at 8:53 pm

Awwl thanks

that's what i keep telling myself but sometimes it's just so hard to think things will get better but i keep trying :-)

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