The Smile Is A Lie

August 17, 2010
Look me in the eyes and tell me you know who I really am.

Tell me everything in my life is just perfect.

Judge me before you even know me.

But truth is I am just another statistic on the chart.

I grew up living a nightmare.

I have lost more than I have gained.

There's no one left for me here.

So many things left unsaid.

So many regrets.

But you wouldn't know because you don't know my past.

So much pain and fear.

Take a look at my face; I dare you to tell me you know who I am

You have no damn clue.

You don't know me at all.

But your quick to judge.

So ill put a smile in on my face and pretend I am fine.

I'll hold back the tears and the screams.

Just to get by.

Because behind every smile there are secrets to.

I wear the smile of a Lie.

Like many have before me to.

Like I said "I am just another statistic on the chart".

I am another person who covers up the sad, painful past with a smile.

I am another person who will get by with that lie of a smile.

The one people will look at and think nothing is wrong.

But in the end will be shocked I am gone so early.

I'll just be another who faded away without a single sign.

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