Close Your Eyes

August 12, 2010
By kritik BRONZE, Davis, California
kritik BRONZE, Davis, California
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Your kiss is a trap
I've broken free

Flung my body far,
Woven it into intricate, repeating patterns
across the foot of your bedpost
Where we laid for hours and
tore ourselves apart with each other's fantasies,
Laying a hundred rose petals
IN the folds of your comforter
So if I rest my head on yours,
and you close your yes,
I am alone in a an endless expanse
of scarlet valleys,

Or strumming a melody
Through your old, cracked acoustic guitar,
Humming words in a language you never taught me,

As I watch your hands slide down
Caressing and exploring
I wonder hot it feels,
to be touched in a way
that means more than
skin on skin

Your kiss is a trap,
That I've fallen from
Through tantrums over forgotten anniversaries
for battles we've never fought,
Wars we've never won,
Wars we will never fight

In these relentless hours upon days upon week,s
I want to fold myself in dark depths
Eat away at soft curves and warm touches
Lose myself in covers of warped memories
So that I may sleep--

But what is sleeping,
Without dreams?

And the weight of my body,
In every place yours isn't,
Will slowly burn

and the space, where your arms once
Rested on my shoulders
Will quickly disintegrate my skin

And the silence,
Filled with our laughter and our screams,
Will hum in my ears

And my body will be nothing
But holes for memories of you to fill
Cuts that will bleed your faith and sorrow

But we are on longer connected
Torn and shattered,
Strewn across the floor like
crushed flowers and
crumpled love letters
Your kiss was a trap and
I've broken free,
I've broken free

The author's comments:
This piece is co-authored by Maya Bolanos

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