To My Puppeteer

August 12, 2010
By TikiXxXRocker BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
TikiXxXRocker BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
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"To get something you've never had, you must do something you've never done." ~Unknown~

At least you have someone to talk to.
I used to have you,
But I’ve been replaced by her.
Now you only acknowledge me
When you want something from me.
And I fall for it every time.
I just want to prove to you that I am worth your love.
I know that you used to know that.
But I should stop trying,
It’s gotten me nowhere.
But you’ve figured me out
And you’ve gotten into my head.
You keep toying with me all you want,
But I’ll always love you
And I’ll always hate you.
Please stop it.
Please cut off the strings
That you use to puppeteer with me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this shortly after the first time my brother got serious with one of his girlfriends. We used to be oh so close, and then he completely forgot about me. I ended up with no one to talk to like i used to with him, and ezpecially no one to talk to about the way he was hurting me. So I decided to put into writing instead.

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