22 lies and 8 unfortunate truths

August 12, 2010
By Katie Nirenberg BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
Katie Nirenberg BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
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Lies comes with truth and gravy comes with stuffed animals
Religion comes with love and pancakes come with dinner.
Ugliness comes with face, and desk comes with bathroom
houses come with ghosts and adults come with juice boxes.
beer comes with driving and carrots come with seeds
silence comes with happiness and grass comes with winter
drugs come with life and plaid comes with paisly
global warming comes with myths and Christmas trees come with spring
war comes with peace and toast comes with soy sauce
Homeless come with homes and Jack-o-lanterns come with rosh hashanah.
Turbans come with terrorists and washing machines come with J.C penny
garbage comes with sidewalk and writer comes with book
power comes with wealth and coke comes with rum
hunting comes with fulfillment and sushi comes with Japanese
Wildfires come with cigarettes and flowers come with may

The author's comments:
This piece is saying that their are a lot of lies out their but their are also truths that make a lot of unfortunate differences in the world such as wildfires,hunting,power,and even something little like garbage on a sidewalk. a lot of the lies are believed to be true and some are in their own way but some also And some just don't make any sense what so ever.

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