Look to the Children

August 12, 2010
What if we
were to relive
our childhood pasttimes?

The days when
building blocks
and teddy bears
populated our messy floors

When outfits of
and Superman
were folded neatly in our drawers

When drawings scattered
across pasty white walls
Pictures of mommy
and daddy
and baby
holding hands

When barbie dolls
and action figures
played house
in their plastic convertibles

When echoes of laughter
could be heard
through the town
around and about
leaving smiles
in wrinkled eyes

the way we remembered innocence
With only the pure love
of tickled toes
and tweaked noses

in its most premature

Could we do it?
Could we rediscover
old innocence?
With knowledge
of universal fences
fencing in
fencing out
our childish wishes?

I don't want to grow up,
and yet grow we continue.
It's deep inside of me,
that old love of potty training
and red step-stools
and bouncy chairs
in my frog-patterned underwear.

But it's there.

I want back my play-house,
and my blankey,
and my two missing front teeth,
if only for a moment.
To relive what may never
return to me.

What if we
were to relive
our childhood pasttimes?

Perhaps we could see
the innocence
the beauty
of the world,
through very young eyes

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