The Rain Speaks

August 12, 2010
By fallentears SILVER, Warren, Michigan
fallentears SILVER, Warren, Michigan
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Sweet Pain, Bitter Pain
My heart is bursting
Bombs exploding
Fire raging
In the rain

Tears are unknown
They blend in
Deep inside
With the calm melody
Of the pitter-patter

Dazing my thoughts
Falling down to the floor
The rain cuts right through
To my core
I feel its empty soul
I feel its unshed tears
Beckoning, calling me
To try and here
The beating, the screaming
Of it's tiny, water-filled

The clear drop
Of enchanting ecstasy
I could forever be
Turned round and round
In its invisible cord

A dazzling, shining runt
From a dull, gray puff
Pure as an angel from above
Silent beauty reigns from it
I am forever more
Lost in its downpour

I feel it
Surround me
A glowing warmth
A cool wetness
Into my body
The rain, the rain
It's consuming me
The rain, the rain
So beautifully

The author's comments:
I've always loved the rain. Perhaps everyone loves the sound of the splashing drops and the feel of cool water on their skin. One day, I danced in the rain and after wards, this piece was born.

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