The Burning Death

August 12, 2010
By Jay-bee GOLD, Hampton, Virginia
Jay-bee GOLD, Hampton, Virginia
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I refused to hold my breath.
Earlier that day,
I convinced myself to be more understanding before I began to judge others.
I walked through the cloud of smoke as if nothing was wrong.
At first, it was tolerable…
Feeling that my health wasn’t at risk as of yet,
I walked further and deeper into the cloud only to find the smoke and the scent of The Burning Death entangling my lungs.
I suddenly couldn’t breathe.
My bodily functions began to panic,
and as any normal body would do,
it began to protect itself.
I choked…exhaled…and choked again.
I breathed clean air and suddenly felt my lungs thank me for putting them back into a better environment.
I told myself that I’d be more understanding before I began to judge…
And with that,
I found myself to be unsuccessful.
I’ll never understand why people will put their precious body into grave danger…
I’ll never understand why people will torture their lungs…
Everything about The Burning Death made me fear for my future,
my health…my life.
I’ll never refuse to hold my breath again…
I’ll never understand why people choose to smoke.
I’m against it;
cigarettes are not for me.

The author's comments:
it never fails, every time i go out into a public place, i get caught in a cloud of smoke...i'm asthmatic & i fear of any contributing factor of cancer...i hate cigarettes.

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