Just You and Me

August 15, 2010
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I feel alone without you.

I cry when you are not here.

I count the days until you come back,

And we can laugh, and talk for hours.

You are my best friend.

If I could I would sleepover your house every day,

And we could lay down on the floor, and look up at the ceiling,

Thinking about who knows what.

Just you and me.

Maybe we could even lay on the grass outside,

Look up at the stars,

Trying to make out constellations.

I don’t know anything about constellations,

Neither do you.

We could go out to dinner maybe,

Make fun of all the so in love couples.

Yet all the while,

We would look at each other,

Wondering what it’s like to be in love.

Just you and me.

We would spend hours on the couch,

Drinking beer.

Reminiscing about the days we would rant to each other,

About whoever we had a crush on.

Asking each other for advice.

Giving advice that,

In truth we didn’t know if it would work or not.

I wish that I could tell you every day I love you,

But the kind of person I am restricts me from saying things like that.

We would walk to the movies,

We would push each other around,

Joking and playing our way to the theater.

Just you and me.

After you would walk me home,

Not that it was a date,

“It was just two friends going out,”

I would tell people.

After I would give you a hug goodnight and I would start to walk to my door,

You would call after me to say,

“I love you,”

And I would try to say it back,

But it would get stuck in my throat.

I would look you in the eye,

Nod my head,

And turn around and go inside.

Later that night,

You would call.

We would talk for hours,

Just you and me.

And when I would finally issue the first yawn,

I would say goodnight,

As would you.

Then when I would think you couldn’t hear me,

I would say,

“I love you,”

And the two of us would continue talking,

Just you and me.

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