You broke Me

August 12, 2010
There it is again. You're doing it again. I hate when you're like this. You promised you would stop, you would quit it. I believed in you. Why do you keep doing this to me. Why do you keep lieing to me. How can you after you promised you would stop. I believed you everytime you promise and you always end up hurting both of us. You dont even see that you are do you? But yet, I always give you another chance. I dont want to see you're life fade away. I dont want to see you dissapear. I cant stand to see you fall apart. I'd do anything for you, you know that. I just dont understand why you say you'll change when you wont. You need to change. You need to stop what you're doing, open your eyes and see whats happening to all of us. Everything you do affects you, your family, and me. I wonder if you saw how much you were hurting me if you would stop? You cant tell that you you hurting me can you? You cant tell that you're hurting youself can you? I only asked that one thing of you, you know not to lie to me? So why is that you promise nit to lie, you promise not to hurt me, you promise to never lay a hand on me harmfully? Why did you lie? Why do you always lie? Do you even care? Do you actually love me? Or did you lie about that too? Why is it that you only talk to me or act like we're together or treat me like somebody when we're alone. When we're with friends or infront of people you treat me like an unbreakable toy. You broke me. You broke me all the way down. I dont even know if i'll be able to put myself back together because of you..... But i always "forgive" you. I always take you back after you say you're sorry... Now I see what people tell me is wrong. I see who you are. I see what you're like. I love you but until you change im not putting up with it anumore.


p.s. Just for now.

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