Psych Out

August 11, 2010
By Anonymous

I know you've been feeling lost lately
like what the hell are you doing with your life
I know exactly where you're coming from, I can relate
to all that self-hate
and all the pressure you heap on yourself to preform
and the way people notice, but you're not open to reform
man, it's great that you've got more drive than a Tiger Woods shot
but if you let this feeling kill you, it'll all be for not
and sure, everybody's a shooting star on their own course,
and everybody in their own universe can feel the force, of course

but there's a line between critical of yourself and hating yourself
and writing stuff you know you can't do
so you're baiting yourself
sit alone at night fuming
and debating yourself
you know that you're good, when you're good, I don't know about you
but I always worry nobody else understands
like yeah I can write like I'm barking mad
but am I barking up the wrong tree
is what I'm doing something that's gonna help me
or a waste of my time, I don't know,
I can't see
into the future, I just know what I wanna be
I've only got so much time to make money and have everyone get proud of me before my mortality kicks in and kills me

so if our lives can go quick like the lit wick on a candlestick when two fingers come together to pinch it
then I wanna be remembered by somebody for the light that I gave
that I threw open the darkness till I was down in my grave
and being six feet under's not a wonder if nobody remembers you when you were above that cover, cos whose gonna care when you're down under

there's a difference in this life between the wolves and the sheep
for one thing, the wolves get the claws and the teeth
but less literally, more in the region of metaphor
some people are born to walk a set path
others have to strike out carrying a lit match, cos it's dark where we're going, we're going to shed some light
and I'll travel all night through the dark, ready for a fight
I'm alive to back up my fellow people who write, that's right
I could write a tight verse, but nobody says tight anymore
opportunity knocked, it ding-dong-ditched, then I kicked down its door
and what a bore, to go through life like one of the faces you see every day
following eachother to their classes with their eyes downcast
cos of the things in their past
that they've managed to make last
I just wish everybody would experiment for one day
to see how far we get through the darkness in every which way
if we all just had the balls to say what we wanted to say
and if all the love we have could come out somehow, and if you pray
this you pray, just this way:

Dear Lord, help me to be a light
to those in darkness and dark times
let me speak to those in need
with my rhymes
and in those moments when I feel I
just can't go on through this crazy
help me keep going
and if I decide I can't live for
help me to live for the others, all my sisters and brothers

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