Finally my own decision, but the wrong one...

August 18, 2010
By , las veags, NV
They control my life
Right down to the clothes I wear.
They tell me what to do and how I even do my hair.
They control where I go or if I can even leave the house.
They read my emails and text
Just so they can tell me what im not allowed to do next.
They search my room
And raid my backpack.
They won’t let me be with him
Because they don’t understand my love for him..

He makes me feel alive,
But also wants to control my life.
He tells me who he doesn’t like
and who I shouldn’t talk to.
Where I should be and
What he thinks I should do.

But today I made a choice of my own.
This guy I don’t know, trusted me more then anyone before.
I took his hand and made my own choice.
I now realize it was the wrong one.
Ive lied to my family and deceived my boyfriend.
And for what?
To make my own choice,
only for it to be the wrong one…

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