Time With You

August 14, 2010
Time keeps running here and there.
it never stops to take a rest or get a drink.
It just keeps going on endlessly.

It tells how long we've been like this.how many seconds our heartbeats matched.how many hours we lay here together.how many days i've held on to you without ever thinking of letting go.
I could lay here and spend the rest of eternity with you but,thats not what you want. Is it? I understand that when your done with me I'll fade away from you only to become a dusty memory.
Maybe someday it'll go through your mind,and you'll unwind the memory of me you left behind for time to consume.

but right now that day has yet to come,so i still lay here with you never thinking of letting you go.
Our heartbeats still match at this wind blowing moment in time.

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collapse_my_coffin said...
Sept. 8, 2010 at 4:53 pm
any comments
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