August 14, 2010
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He was on the path, just starting out
A few years passed, and they could already tell
More years passed, and they knew for sure
He was on his way. He was gonna go far

Then he was 14, and he was stopped cold
An injury, had left him alone
The feelings were hard, physically tough
The boy made it through, and came shining out

His words were heard, far and wide,
Letters came through, from the old and the blind
The boy had reached out, a heart of pure gold,
Alas he was only beginning his road

A few years later he was 16, he made the choice,
He knew it to be true
His life was beginning, beginning anew
17 was coming up fast, but first was a test

this test you see, was difficult through
but he had support, from more then a few
He was a loner, but taking a chance
His attitude soared, but it was in vain

His one goal in life, was to make his family proud
and that he did, as best as he could
His parents were nice, his sisters cute
little did they know, his thoughts were askew
He thought he couldn’t love
He thought he was bad
He knew he was tough
but oh did he hurt

it was in his eyes they said, a shine through the scars
and oh that boy, they knew he’d go far

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