Taking Over

August 19, 2010
It's times like this that breaks you down.

Wanting you, missing you, yet you're not around.

I still think and wonder how life would be,

If only I had 2 Grandfathers here with me.
A voice like no other and hands skilled and strong.

I wish I could show my grandpa what he did wrong.

If I could layout the world for him as it is now, and shows him how much it hurts, just show him how.

The "drugs" that controlled him and took away his life,
The craving, the anger, sorrow, and strife.

"Drugs" is the one thing I more than hate. If only I could have stopped it, before it was too late.

His family and friends all left behind. And all they could do was hold hands and cry.

If only you could see Daddy now; “Your clone son "My father" you would be very proud

How I wish I could change it all to have him here with me.

All of his grandkids... An amazing sight to see.

I'm growing up fast now, peer pressure and all.

Tears of pain, tears of happiness, are breaking down this girl.

I don't know you well grandpa, only from stories told and pictures I've seen of your handsome face.

Yet it still isn't enough, how I wish I could hug you and show you we care.

To tell you “I love you" and know that those feelings are shared.

My family so dear, a promise by heart.

A maze world for me. From where do I start?

The need for a friend, but too closed up now, from getting hurt before.
"Trust" that's hard, I don't know how.

You were strong, brave, and loving.

A warrior at best, every fight for your family was defeated but one.

The fight to live “drug’’ free and be here with us now.

Uncles, aunts and cousins are being pulled in.

The" drugs" taking over, without their history to begin.

I miss you grandpa even though I never met you before.

But my family is something that I cannot replace.

An obligation to take care of all of you that I have to face.

A promise, a path, a family line of our blood.

"Family" a word that is spoken and misunderstood.

Mi Familia, please help me!

They're lost in their way.

I'm losing them, missing them, each and every day

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RoseR. said...
Sept. 8, 2010 at 10:41 am
fantasticly expressive with very powerful inagery. keep up the good work. continue to share your passion for poetry.
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