The Other Side of the Mirror

August 2, 2010
By , El Paso, TX
Standing in front of the mirror
is the body of a stranger
that I know is me, but I want to deny it

I see a coward on the reflection
That dares not say her true desires.
Every second that passes by through the clockwork’s time,
a shard of her existence fades, just like her sanity.

The beautiful world that surrounded her is turning to blindness,
the sounds of everything she knew are turning to silence,
the smells of essence that were of the world are dispersed to nothing,
the taste of the air was no longer felt, knowing it had perished,
the feeling of the limbs were gone replaced by eternal numbness,
and the sense of all existences and essences of all things have faded to oblivion.

She begins to turn to blackness as well,
And the mirror turns to dust and ashes.

I scream as I make my descent to madness,
as the world burns away, but I remain,
as I close the door to reason,
as I close off the vulnerable tender heart of mine,
as I lose my soul to the darkness in my mind.

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