Those Tears Of Mine

July 27, 2010
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Self-destroying thoughts,
through your eyes they filter,
unnoticed, in the form of
some salty drops, which
contain pain's essence,
in its purest form.

Tears are those that can,
give away dissapointment's bite,
little tear drops made of salt
little blood drops from the heart
breathless cry

What are those bitter tears that,
unimpeded flow, revealing so,
a melancholy of the continuous flow
time owns, the bravest soul shivers at
mortality words

I wonder if someday those salty tears,
will taste sweet, will compell, a true smile
in my lips, and my fatiguated self will feel,
inspired by the bitterness of tears, by their taste,
emotions ring at laugh

Pain can move your soul around, in a way,
that melts the inside, reduces it to emotion, so
it can move around, in a way, that emptiness
revolves, around your heart, carrying blood drops,
those tears of mine

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