I Am the Seasons

August 10, 2010

As I lay upon the Earth, my dark chocolate hair is pinned to the bare ground.
My green highlights become choppy and rigid.
It envelopes the landscape, clinging for dear life.
Upon it, I can hear a child’s footsteps as I release a bellowing laugh.
This side of me only comes once a year, but with it, I feel playful and joyous.
The sun awakens upon my pale complexion tanning the surface.
The buttons of my jacket become dandelions singing to the sun.
I am the seasons and forever I will be.

But, soon the chase begins again and I must run.
For it does not give up.
And before I know it, it will win, it always does.
My once solemn green hue is exchanged for a painter’s palette and with it comes new found beauty.
My only friends now begin to migrate as the vibrant orchids disappear.
My warm breath, a silent expression of excitement, now cools the Earth.
I send a secret warning of what is to come.
I am the seasons and forever I will be.

I must go again, for I never like to stay very long in one place.
My icy fingers curl around my lover.
My crisp breathe suffocates them as
I leave an everlasting and deadly kiss upon my victim’s cheek.
My arms transform into distant and warped branches.
My once chocolate hair now becomes an alluring white,
as it tells the world of my age.
It covers the Earth in a giant blanket.
I appear so pure… polished…innocent.
Once I come there is no turning back.
I am relentless, strong and full of endurance.
But I am the seasons and forever I will be.

Soon enough this face of mine, makes its grand exit.
I pull the blanket from Earth’s countenance.
My tears give life to the withered trees and return nature from its abiding slumber.
I chase a fawn through a garden.
As an enticing butterfly, along for the ride, perches upon my shoulder.
Where will it stop, nobody knows?
And for a second, I peer around me.
It amazes me at the beauty with which I have created.
But, then, a new feeling, a feeling I had never felt before surges into me; hope.
And with it I feel revitalized.
But I am the seasons and forever I will be.

Do not worry for I am going no where.
My breath is among these trees.
And each year I am reborn.
And each year I change,
And each year the struggle begins a chase between my many faces.
Though I always win.
For I am the seasons and forever I will be.

The author's comments:
The idea for this poem was inspired by Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. I hope you enjoy it!

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