The Trio

August 9, 2010
By catemonster BRONZE, Running Springs, California
catemonster BRONZE, Running Springs, California
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Favorite Quote:
"There is a green light that shines all night at the end of your dock." F. Scott Fitzgerald

"do you feel," he asked,

the dark void of indecision
tangible as a scar,
any scar,
your scar.
that snaked across your forehead
which i neither noticed nor

but you brought it up
over and
over and
over, so i asked, cautious as an impatient lover
who climbs out of the second story window.
i prayed for silence
and stability of bushes.

you talked about cigarette burns
which made me hot and nauseous.

for days and weeks
but it doesn't matter

i do not want you.
not sexually anyway.

i mourned my loss.
i licked fresh wounds
that had only just
taken the notice
from all the old scars.

i make quick work out of
picking myself up and putting
pieces back together.
too cohesive too soon
though, it seems.
because my elastic muscles
which twitch just below skin
hurried me forward into
strange arms and a
stranger bed,
yet a somehow familiar mouth met me there.

misery guts,
this pumping thing inside,
a fist wrapped in blood
nothing more, no more,
went down

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