My Naavi.

August 9, 2010
By HazelKush GOLD, Odenton, Maryland
HazelKush GOLD, Odenton, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." - Yoda.

The worlds have been switched.
When I wake to resume reality all I find is a
Nightmare, secluding me from the nirvana I wish to call my Home.

This place has grown different from where
History grew up and was recorded by us
Now all I see is murder.

Destruction of life and beauty; the way we shouldve stayed.

Our canvas has been muddies with mistakes and terrifying risks
Taken mostly in vein.
We no longer have our home, our planet.
Our Mother.

I’m running. Running from the smog, running from the noise. Running from the nightmare toward my well-needed wake.
I look down as I briefly pause;
This isn’t me.

This CANT be me.
Home. Home. I have to get home.
Lie down. Close your eyes. Let your mind go blank.

I open my eyes to we world we all should’ve known.
I stand…and I can see.
I can see the sky, free of sicknessand putrid laziness.
I can bring the virgin air into my treaded lungs.
I’m running again. Not away from anything, but towards her.
She is the center of what makes sense. She will take your
Sould with her to vast places of beauty and serenity.
Joined by the braid we see into eachother, and no words are needed for her to understand why I have come.

No words needed, no words said.
She’s bestowed her guidance inside of me .
With a final praise I continue on, taking in life from what surrounds me.

Every pore takes in a breeze and inhales it at its best.
Every nerve is coated with well-being and a hint of

I’m flying; mountains and valleys that used to only exist in
The depths of dreams brought to life in front of me now
Soaring below me as I ascend.

She’s flying with me, and we’re flying towards eternities.
Lifetimes we will spend together.
Towards battles we may fight, lose, win.
Flying towards the future. The future I was meant to spend with my Naavi.

The author's comments:
-In the voice of Jake Sully from James Cameron’s Avatar.-

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