You Never Loved Me

July 24, 2010
By Anonymous

I did so much for you,
I cried for you.
Can’t you see my mascara streaked?

I breathed for you,
Inhaling your sweet scent
And you left an intoxicating flavour on my tongue.
Then you turned bitter.

You saved me.
Then you let me fall.
You took me away from all of this.
You rescued me from a dark place.
Only to shut out the light.

You raised me up,
You took me so high.
Then you just dropped me.

I loved you.
I did anything to have you.
I stole for you.
I gave away my life for you.

You never loved me.
You only loved my addiction.

The author's comments:
My inpiration for this piece came from my own drive after a drug problem at my school. Some of the people getting high were people I knew and was close to. I guess I just wrote what I think they felt and how the drugs turned on them.

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