Man of Exposure

July 21, 2010
By , Jacksonville, Florida, FL
Embrace me, boy.
do it because you can.
Do it for the sake of choice.
Do it for me?

Hold me, friend.
Hold me tight.
So no one else can see me
so I can hide.

Teach me, lover.
Teach me your hands.
As I hold them close
as you hold my heart,

Kiss me, Teacher.
Kiss me everywhere.
So once a stranger comes my way
you are always there.

Love me, man of exposure.
Embrace me
because you need to.
Hold me
because you have to.
Learn my hands
because you feel to.
Kiss me
because you ache to.

And always be there.

You are the man of exposure.
A love that feels no pressure.
As I love you,
by choice.

And heart
and passion
have nothing to do with it.

It's all in the soul.
the heart is just an organ.
A vessel of courage.

People mistake the heart
for the soul.

and my soul yearns for you.

Come to me,
Man of exposure.
Teach me your name.
See my face
and never forget it.
Because I live for
the day we meet

and this corny poem becomes truth.

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