Our Wretched Lives

August 11, 2010
Our wretched lives are so unfair and filled with many a sorrow.
Each day begins and ends the same, just like it will tomorrow.
We are taxed until our pockets are empty and our souls are left numb.
Our opportunities for education are few, leaving us feeling dumb.
We, the only class taxed, are also the lowest.
Not because of race or because we’re the slowest!
We were stuck on the bottom because of an unfair society.
This is ruining the lives God gave to you and me!
King Louis has done very little and is just a sitting duck.
We aren’t being governed! Does he will us to live by luck?!
He shouldn’t be sitting on that throne when I have no bread.
If he continues to rule most of us will end up dead!
I say my brothers what shall we do?
What about our class, taxes, and educational opportunities too?
I am done with this King and with the first and second estates!
They willingly believe they can plan all of our fates.
Take into your minds that the time will come soon,
when we will rise with the sun as these times disappear like the moon.

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