Silent Hope

August 11, 2010
By Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
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A little twinkle in your eye,
Even though you externally sigh,
As he just passes you by;
Some would wonder why you try.

You think of the love you feel inside,
You think of this crazy emotional ride,
You think how the true path is not wide,
You think that nothing has just one side.

Being together for all those years,
Being together through all the tears,
Being together to share childish fears,
Being together despite ruthless jeers.

Most would not be willing to cope,
With so much abuse from but a bloke,
But you smile and hang onto that rope,
And that, my dear, we call silent hope.

The author's comments:
Penned 20 August 2004

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