Day's End

August 11, 2010
Though the path may turn and bend,
You'll always be my best friend.
Regardless of our feelings being frail,
Your being by my side will never fail.
Sometimes I think you're perfect, though I know you're not,
Your hilarious jokes (kind or not) will not ever be something I forgot.
I realize we all make mistakes,
And that is why my promise never breaks.
My promise is to not get mad,
Because toward you I must always be glad.
This I swear,
I shall never tear.
If I should ever be disloyal to you,
Tell me, please, for my awareness measures few.
Don't tell me to be angry when I refuse,
Because it is you I will not lose.
I know how I should feel and how I do,
And this kind of satisfaction comes times so few.
I see the smile on your face--it puts one on mine,
Because everything you do for me is so divine.
And so, best freind, when times for you are rough,
Come to me, for nothing is too tough,
At least not tough enough for you to not get through,
Because my friends are a very precious few.
I'm always here,
And I can count on you to be there.
So for now, farewell, my friend,
It is now day's end.

(See you tomorrow!)

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