What if

By , Dyersburg, TN
What if it’s all true?
What if the old mapmakers had it right?
What if sorcerers weren’t fakes?
What if unicorns really roamed the forests?
What if dragons really lived in uncharted lands?
What if sea monsters actually existed?
What if running water actually stopped the dead?
What if some horses really could fly?
What if phoenix tears really healed?
What if there really was such a thing as a fairy godmother?
What if Medusa’s hair actually was snakes?
What if magic swords could actually pick kings?
What if animals actually could speak?
What if magic actually could build cities?
What if curses and blessings really worked?
What if people could really be invisible?
What if there actually were shape-shifters?
What if jinni really did grant three wishes?
What if dwarves really did mine jewels?
What if crystal balls actually worked?
What if the myths and legends and tall tales were actually unadorned truth?
If all of it was true –
What would you do?

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