Take My Hand

August 11, 2010
By Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
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I want to help you;
Let me help you.
Let me do everything I can
To warm your heart,
Make you rejoice,
Build you up and encourage you.
Everyone is different,
Every friendship, each relationship is distinct,
So I can do this like no one else can.
I see you for who you are;
I am not shallow,
Am not fooled,
Not that you ever try to fool anyone,
For they put up the blocks in their own minds,
To stop at your appearance and charm,
Which are present--
They must be if I saw them!--
But you are so much more than that.
Amazing far beyong any of my abilities,
But if there is anything I can do,
I beg of you to let me know,
And it is done!
My very dear friend,
Someday I will tell you
Just how amazing you are, and look!
I hope it will be soon.
Not one day, and maybe I won't say the words;
I don't know, just know that I can.
I am not like the other girls.
I see all the little things you do,
Your unselfish attitude toward all,
Regardless of how anyone has treated you,
And I see your fire burning deep within,
So strongly wishing to do what is right.

Whatever risk exists, I will take it;
It is an effort I am willing to make,
If it means lifting you up,
Assisting you,
Not that you need it,
But are not gifts better given
Out of want than out of need?
Many are those that can strengthen you,
And I hope to be but one,
But I must stand up!
I do not want to hold back any longer;
This pure, chaste desire is something real--
If there is anything unique I can do for you,
Here I am--your friend, of course...
What if I could add to you?
Do you think it could be true?
If not now, then someday?
You do so much for others, I just feel
Someone should do something for you.
If it can be me, please let it be me, and you know
I think I could help--I do!

And that look in your eyes, your gaze has transformed,
Rapt attention I can see, something different there,
A connection? Perhaps;
I think it may be,
But I know I see you responding,
Making efforts as well,
You are reaching out, taking my hand.
You wonderful man, so superior to me,
Sweet, loving, and true,
I do not believe I am kidding myself,
When I think you see it, too.

The author's comments:
Penned 31 March 2009

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