Me, Too?

August 11, 2010
By Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
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Ah, such fun, such fun is this!
'Tis not something I would want to miss,
For it always causes my heart to sing,
As my eyes glitter like a diamond ring,
Every time I am around you,
And so often it seems I know not what to do.
Do you hear me stammering?
Can you tell my heart is hammering,
About to break through?
Each time it does, I wonder if you do.
Do you view me as the fool I see,
When I recall the run-ins of you and me?
And do you view me as I view myself,
Not just another one off the shelf?
It seems we are so similar,
For it always sounds so familiar
When someone describes you,
For it sounds like me, too!
My affections are selective.
It feels so wonderful e'en to live
When you are to me near,
And I ne'er feel 'bout to shed a tear,
But why am I attracted to you?
Why do I feel this way I do,
For I like to think in this I am wise?
But you are not like other guys,
And it cannot be your appearance alone,
For as I have in numerous instances shown,
I look not outside but within,
But I do not think it is a sin
To state how appealing you do look,
Though it is not important in my book!

Anyway, since this is the case,
I wonder why my mind doth race,
Why I simply cannot converse with you still,
Why my contents feel they will surely spill,
Why my mind goes blank and I cannot speak,
Why it shocks that blush does not devour my cheek,
Though I have never been the blushing type,
'Stead I cannot breathe for all the hype
Occurring inside my young frame,
And with you I am not the same.
Perhaps that spiritual desire,
Which in a man I do admire...
Yes! that must be what,
And my ties I cut!

Someday, I will look for your qualities in my mate,
Adn although neither of us is ready to date,
I can't help but wonder if it may be you,
If someday perhaps you will feel this way, too.
I do not know if this is love yet;
No, it cannot be, but I shan't place a bet
That it will not turn to love--even soon?
Oh, perhaps it will, as I stare at the moon,
But these feelings I can never tell,
And this deep secret I must keep locked well,
And I hope my actions won't give me away,
For my 'quaintance I would not want to slay
Internally, for she feels this way, too,
And made it public, so I would make everything blue
With her and my friends, were I to let it slip,
Plus you probably would somehow receive a tip,
When neither of us is ready,
So for now, I shall keep steady,
With only God and my mother knowing,
As you and I both continue growing
And physically,
Until we are of age,
And it is not a cage,
For I am so free!
And I wonder if I see
The same reaction in you;
Maybe you think of me, too.

The author's comments:
Penned 23 May 2008

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