Your Art

August 11, 2010
Sometimes events don't quite turn out your way,
But life is not perfect, you know,
And at times we all make mistakes;
We're only human, after all.
No one is required to be perfect,
Not even me or you,
So let us relieve all this stress;
It's all right to be tired,
But don't let that waste 'way your day.
It's OK to use contractions;
You don't have to just follow the rules--
That is the beauty of poetry, after all,
The freedom of any art.

If you are feeling loaded down,
Open up your notebook,
Lace up your pointe shoes,
Take out your easel,
Your piano,
Your boombox.
Whatever the case,
They say practice makes perfect,
But never perfect,
Never the same,
For life can get rough,
And if you feel it, write it,
Or paint it--
Whether with your paintbrush, your voice,
Your body, or your pen;
Yes, put a positive spin on it.
Get that smile back onto your face,
Return laughter to your heart,
And don't let this old system of things
Separate you from your art.

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