August 10, 2010
Do you really want to see, the fear in her eyes?
You try to catch her every time she cries
She's scared to live
Yet she's scared to die
I'm curious, why?
I wonder what it is she's looking for in this life

She has no past
But her future isn't too clear
She's so afraid
Don't get too near

She's caught in the headlights
She's in the middle of a fight
Not knowing what to say
Not knowing what to do
She hasn't got a prayer
She'll never make through

Nobody seems to see
Or even understand
She's just a simple lily
Being crushed in someone's hand

What will save her?
Who will care?
Nobody wants to feel her
Shaking in the night
Just a loving gesture
Would turn her into light

So let her know she's something
Find the missing part
She's left only her memories
And her broken heart

She can't be revived
Lilly don't go
Please be alright
And let us know when you
Feel like talking to
Someone who cares

This isn't going to end well
This life only brings farewells
And in the end we can all tell
That we'll give up the fight


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