August 10, 2010
By ForAllWhoHaveLoved SILVER, Englewood, Colorado
ForAllWhoHaveLoved SILVER, Englewood, Colorado
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Hey baby, it's me,

Your mom at 17
I'm writing you this letter so that you know that I cared
By the time that you read this
You'll be all grown up
And you won't remember my face
But I'll remember yours
You have changed my life forever
And we loved you so much
Your daddy and me
We never wanted to give you up
To give you away
But I hope you realize that if we'd of kept you
Your life would be hard
We had to drop out of high school
We were working part time
Living in a crumbling apartment
Surviving off nickels and dimes
Baby, please don't be upset
Please don't think we didn't want you
Because we did
We loved you
We tried so hard to keep you
But when they showed up that day
And knocked on our door
Saying that they could take you
And give you a better life
I held you close to me
Starring into your big, blue eyes
And you looked right back into mine
You were so perfect
So beautiful
I wanted what was best
I loved you so much
I can't say that enough
My last words to you were, "I love you."
I kissed you on the face
My tears of loss
Were all I could taste
I handed you over
At first I couldn't bring myself to let you go
Your daddy had to pull me back
As they pulled you away
The hurt in my heart
Was more than I can say
I couldn't stop thinking about you
I cried day and night
I wanted you so badly
Without you, it didn't feel right
But I just got this letter from them
They said you were adopted
By a couple who couldn't have kids of their own
Now you have a good family
A warm, happy home
These people will be able to bring you up right
Give you a warm bed to tuck you in at night
A real house and a yard
So baby, what I did
Please believe me
Was done out of love
I just wanted what was best
I'm writing you this letter
So that you know that I care
Please don't be upset
Try to understand
To this day
I can still remember the way you felt in my hands
I hope you are happy
You are in my dreams
Please don't be upset

I love you,
Christine <3

The author's comments:
This is about a teen mother who gave her child up for adoption. Some of the ideas in this piece aren't completely accurate but it is supposed to be more spiritual than anything.

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Goers#24 said...
on Oct. 27 2011 at 11:19 am
Wow that is interesting. My best friend is named Christine and thats pretty interesting.

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