I See, Part II

August 10, 2010
By Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
Crystal_Colossae PLATINUM, Madison, Wisconsin
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How could you put me through this,
Yes, cause me all this pain?
You and everyone else of your type,
You made me form that wall 'round myself.
I already had one for those of your type,
That "too close" barrier,
But you forced me like a duty-bound slave
To create another one,
Fifteen miles out.
Now I can't tell you anything;
It cannot travel past laughter.
I execute kindness,
But you slam me with your cruelty,
And the only two worhty of ent'ring that outer wall,
I'm afraid to let in because I fear
They'll take off running without a doubt.
With the force they generate, they will try to break in,
To demolish the inner beauty,
And as they damage and they chip,
What if I cannot find enough new bricks?
What if I run out of cement?

Oh, fool! Had I not build that outer wall--just for you!--
I would not be in such a state!
More would be running through,
But more distracted would they be,
And no other walls would I be required to maintain.
Stupid, do you not see what you put me though,
The outer wall,
Its pain?
But I should not be angry only with you,
For you are no different than everyone else.
They all act;
They all imnpress.
None of them are genuine;
None of them are themselves.
Occasionally, you'll get one who shines,
But they are like you;
They go and hide who they truly are,
So no one ever sees their soul,
Unless they are alone with that one,
That being if the person they are with
Is of depth, for otherwise,
The show will go on.
Am I the only one who knows myself?
How can I help them?

Perhaps I am not fifteen,
And it just boils down to that,
But everyone else in high school
Is scarcely greater than a robot,
Programmed to society,
To the likings of their pals,
To decaying morality,
To superficial "dreams".
I simply know you're better than that,
From what I've seen just now,
From what I've known about you
Since we were eight years old.
How can you throw that,
Push it away?
So many strenuous questions you inspire!

How can you be so kind?
How can you be so sweet?
And then how can you turn around
And be something so new--so mean?
How can you live with yourself?
How can you be so fake?
How can you deal with it?
How can you put on a face?

Why did you show me this side again?
In a way, I am glad you did,
But always know (do you know? I think you know)
I am always real,
And although for your other friends,
You put on a mask,
I am far ahead of them (and you, apparently),
And I see right through your act.

The author's comments:
Penned 15 June 2007

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