Live One Last Time

August 10, 2010
Be stupid
And be afraid
Because tonight is your last night to live
Be cunning
And be reckless
Because you’re never going to see this day again

Time has come to a halting stop
All innocence has been washed away
And from the ashes shines a light
That marks your path to never ending hate

We were so young once
So innocent and kind
And even in the worst of things
Fear never gripped our minds
Because we could disappear in a world all our own
But that too has been taken
And now we have no real home

We curse the day that we were born
Since we cannot control our fate
And we take the life given to us
It is the thing we devastate

Tears wash our faces every night
There is nothing else to do
We follow that dictating light
And don’t speak till we’re spoken to

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