August 10, 2010
I don’t hate you
You’re just my enemy
Understand that I can’t help what is meant to be
You make me nervous
My blood boils in my veins
When you walk down that road
And carry the remains

You have hurt so many people
You have caused so many lies
And I watch as they fall into the trap you provide
So I sit
I watch
And I decide I am not going down that road

They call me crazy
But you push them over the edge
I can’t walk in a straight line
But you intoxicate them


You are the devil
And I am the sin
But you’re the end
I just can’t begin
I’m solid
You’re shallow
So inhale your smoke

I can breathe second hand
While slowly you choke

Leave me alone
With the sins I have set
And vanity

I stick to my limits
But you provide
For the innocent
Fragile soul

I take in my poison
I don’t sell it
For gold

You are the devil
And I am the sin
I take what I get
While you dig right in

I live with my instinct
I cry with my tears
I vomit my regrets
And swallow my fears

I am a problem
I know that I fade
I’m not totally stable
My mind isn’t safe

But I keep it for me
The voices are mine
While you’re just the devil

You recruit the blind

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