August 10, 2010
What happened to you?
What have you done?
It's been so long since we last talked,
So listen to me now.
I'm tired of being a dusty rug
On your basement floor,
So torn,
So trashed,
So stepped on.
I'm tired of laying here
While you wipe your dirt all over my face.

Why have you hidden me away?
Why have you concealed me from light,
When all I've done is help,
When I've stuck beside you all these years,
When I care more than all your "friends"?
Is becoming one of them,
Fitting in,
So vital?
Is it worth throwing what you have always believed
To the winds,
To the waves,
To the birds?
Never in your life have I let you down,
And here's the thanks I get:
And betrayal.

"Of all the voices in my head,
Why listen to the smallest one?"
I've heard that thought so many times,
Like a record skipping again and again;
Is it worth sticking around and trying to fix,
Or will you just keep skipping the truth?
Maybe you'll listen when they rip you apart,
When they throw you off the shelf!
Hot-shot, this is your conscience speaking--
You cannot hide yourself.
When all your "buddies" turn on you,
Maybe you'll finally see,
All along, I have been right;
You'll be sorry you've hidden me.

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