My Little Bird

August 10, 2010
I have a little bird inside of me. She flits and flutters and wants to be free. Her wings are so big and she feels so strong, but she doesn't know where to go so she sings the saddest song. My heart aches as my bird can't seem to get out, which covers me in a blanket of doubt. Then I realize it’s on me she's depending, but what kind of help should I be lending? I can't ask another it has to be me, for how else can you let your dreams fly free?
I knew that I had failed at first. I had no hope to quench me bird's thirst. I was so afraid my bird had died, but no, I feel her still inside. I tried so hard my first time around, but my efforts left my little bird sitting on the ground. I still can't get my bird to fly. My dream is still and I don't know why. For her I won't give up this fight. I will show her love and give her light. My bird I believe in you, so come on my little dream come true!

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