my wish for you

August 10, 2010
By Anonymous

My wish for u,
Is to live life like it’s your last day,
Like we felt alive again,
When I raised you
Like when we were younger,
When we were inseparable,
When we were best friends,
When we where sisters,
My heart longs to be your big sister,
To always be there for you,
To see you shine through the clouds like u always did,
I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you
You got taken away when you where so young,
We both did,
It completely killed me to see you grow up without me,
My wish for you is to grow up and be stronger then I am,
Learn from my mistakes,
And grow big bigger then I have grown,
Run faster than I can ever run,
My heart will always be with u,
You will forever be my little sister.

The author's comments:
when i was younger me and my sister where like best friends, my mom was an alcoholic so i raised my sister from when she was a baby, and when she got taken away first it killed me because i had the motherly instinct to not let her she is 13 and i haven't seen her grow. i just don't want her making the same mistakes as i have.

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