Genius Trapped

August 6, 2010
By Karena Everett BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
Karena Everett BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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Words, feelings, visions, dreams
All trapped in the mind of a young poet
Perceptions too great for an adolescent to handle
Emotions expressed in a way not initially intended
Actions comprehended as evil but meant to be helpful
A wisdom no youth can bear
Usually resulting in furious attacks and continuous tears
Pressure builds with no hope for relief
Destruction is inevitable
The future is uncertain.
Fate is inescapable.
A message designed to catalyze the view of the nations
A message encrypted in adolescent experiences, feelings of being misunderstood, and harsh, critical judgement
Ambiguous visions help to clutter the mind
Choices are crucial
Which path to take?
The long, narrow road of righteousness?
Or the easy, flashy street of destruction?
A split begins to take place due to the lack of decision
One side is erudite, wise, and expressive
The other foolish and naive
Both have equal pull
And soon the individual as a whole begins to crash
Neither side wins
All lose
The internal conflict remains
And the cycle repeats itself continuously
There is no rescue, no salvation
Thus, I am still a genius trapped

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