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I Feel

August 6, 2010
By SoftballPoet PLATINUM, Branson, Missouri
SoftballPoet PLATINUM, Branson, Missouri
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"Love is like a rubber band. When one person lets go, it hurts the other person who is still holding on."

Something about, the way you hold me, makes me melt and i feel like butter.
I feel as though, nothing can go wrong when I am in your arms.
When I see your handsom face, I feel like an angel who just got her wings.
When you tuch me, the way you do, I almost want to laugh, because it feels so right.
When your lips touch mine, I can't imagine being anywhere else but right here with you.
When we argue, I feel almost closer to you, than when we're actually getting along.
When our eyes meet, I feel the warmth of a fire burning inside my heart.
When I say I love you, I mean foreverl; forever I want to be yours.
I love you with all my heart, that's how I feel about you baby.

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