A Step Back, Falling Up

August 9, 2010
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As if i could forget
the memories, the passion,
the reminder of you.
I wonder, if you hear me,
cry your name at night
when i cant sleep.
The emotion i felt,
knowing you felt the same.
But there will always
be that moment you
keep in your heart,
as it is in mine.
Wishing you were there
to make things better.
Counting the seconds,
til I see your smile
or maybe hear your voice
&& the days I wait to see of
you. Take me back,
to when the galaxy was
our stage
&& the world our lives.
Awaking everyday,
in hopes of the day before.
As if i'd ever forget
your love,
To be without it,
bleeds my heart dry.
Never will I give
it up.
I wait for you,
as you wait for me.
Forever, your love remains
concealed in the
secrets of my heart.
Forever Our Love,
Now Our Life....

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Vai Vai said...
Nov. 12, 2010 at 11:12 am

wow you know you did that.... the firend that write the best i every read as a teen... keep doing what you do Jaz aka Smooda you know i love you dont let nothing get you down girl....

Love, Kennedy and I

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