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August 9, 2010
By HazelKush GOLD, Odenton, Maryland
HazelKush GOLD, Odenton, Maryland
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"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." - Yoda.

It came to me through radiowaves, once
Thought to be pisky pests turn to
Inspiration of wildest thoughts and dreams.
Derived form herb? No, from soil.

Ponder this for me if you would.
Would you be so daring as to dive through
Currents towards an unknown garden, tended to
By only the cockiest of sea creatures?

Although a garden of such must be a sure
Sight; if cultivated by 8 strong, willing arms.
Surrounded by shade, would you fall to temptation
If invited?

The sights they must’ve seen.
Only the truly blessed are given the hands to
Record such musical magic. To think if
They had kept their dreams in their sleep; not given
Us lonely listeners the chance to have our post-sunset
Ventures touched by legend.

And how we long to thank them for our journeys!
For without them, we ne’er would’ve fallen victim
To the pull of honey-suckled sea machines. Ne’er
Heard the ‘koo-koo-ka-choo’s’ of mistaken mermaids.

But how can we thank you, kind leaders?
You’ve opened the trapdoors of your minds
And held them to our ears as sea shells.
How do we repay?

Oh what we’d give to stroll alongside you
Through pastures of sweet sweet berries.
How we’ve been longing to wipe the tears from
Your sorrowed accoustic souls.

Without you, we never would’ve been graced
With your whispered insights into the world you claimed your Own. The words you’ve created carry on in stereos and
Sound speakers, preserved in lyrics.

We salute you, thinkers, and your
Musical memories left behind.
They came to me through radiowaves,
And put roots down in my soul.

The author's comments:
-Dedicated to a true milestone in music, The Beatles-

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