Hate Came First, Then Love

August 7, 2010
i feel nothing when i see your face,
i know you dont like me,
and i really dont like you,
were only together because everyone says were a cute couple.
i want to leave you,
were nice in public but not when were alone.
but then i felt your kiss,
and everything changed,
my view of you,
and my life.
i finally understood you.
and you finally understood me,
but then we were broken up because they all said we should.
we were victims of the "it" crowd,
they thought pairing you with me would make you look cool,
because i was normal.
you were an "it" boy,
but they trapped.
i missed you.
you missed me,
but couldnt do anything about it.
you were trapped with a new girl,
i knew you hated her,
but you could do nothing about it.
i still miss you,
even today, but you've probaly forgot about me,
i was always there after our lips touched.
but thats not the point.
you let me go and didnt even try to get me back.
even today,
now that were in eigth grade.
i still miss you
and still want you.

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